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Interesting Articles - April 19th 2017

1. Too much work?

This got my attention when I read this line:

"Employers may subject our bodies to drug tests; monitor our speech both on and off the job; require us to answer questionnaires about our exercise habits, off-hours alcohol consumption, and childbearing intentions; and rifle through our belongings. If the state held such sweeping powers ... we would probably not consider ourselves free men and women."

On similar lines, I liked this article from Quartz - Why being grumpy at work is good for you!

2. Zombie Malls

One out of every 10 American works in retail. 89000 workers have been laid off since October 2016. The total Coal Mining industry  that created a big foofaraw during the 2016 elections, has roughly 80000 employees and retail industry lost more than that in less than 7 months

3. Jon Ossoff and 2018 Mid-term election from FiveThirtyEight

I was up till 11:30 pm following the Twitter feed and trying to determine if he can get 50% of the votes to be elected. Just few days back, John Oliver had a segment on GA and it's ridiculous election process. It was close, but couldn't get through the end line.
Bottom line - The run-offs are going to be closer than most people realize and also 2018 won't be a year where Dems can compete.

4. Alien Knowledge - When Machines Justify Knowledge

Fair Warning - Long Read

This is a long read and gives you a perspective on how hard AI is and the scary thing is, that the folks who are building it even really don't fully understand how it works.

5. A day in the life of a Food Vendor

This article truly justifies why you pay for NYT :-)
This article goes behind the scene on daily struggle to do business against host of challenges:

  • City Codes and Regulation
  • Exorbitant Fines for Small Violations and
  • Occasional rage of Brick and Mortar Businesses or Residents
  • Weather, Whims of transit and foot traffic

6. Connecting Universe - The Facebook way

F8 news was disappointment for me. Maybe I have become an old fart to wear a 1 lbs of headgear on my head to chat with my other old friends, but the concept of spaces did not excite me at all.

"The problem with connecting everyone on the planet is that a lot of people are assholes. The issue with giving just anyone the ability to live broadcast to a billion people is that someone will use it to shoot up a school. You have to plan for these things. You have to build for the reality we live in, not the one we hope to create."


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Oatmeal, Organic Milk, Amazon and retail, Microsoft Windows 10S - May 3rd 2017

Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert dominated the news with their monologues and they are must watch. Apple released it Quarterly results and they really look good to me :-) (Wall St disagrees, but when a company makes $50b in revenue in a quarter and $11b in profit - that's really good to me). Jokes aside, Apple is stagnant with no real new product in the pipeline and the next quarter, historically has been weak and with everyone waiting for 10th anniversary iPhone and the rumor that they won't be on sale till 2018, then it doesn't bode well for them.
Here are some interesting posts for today.

1. Oatmeal - You are not going to believe what I am going to tell you! (10 mins)

If there is one story you have to read today, read this. This is amazing and it is fun and makes you wonder on how we think and act and how our brain is wired with our core beliefs and how they shape our decision making. This is really good.

2. Organic Milk: A natural Scam? …

Interesting Articles - May 2nd 2017

1. All eyes on iPhone Sales - iPhone 8 (4 mins)
I love reading Bob Lefetz newsletter. He has his own unique way of saying the things that he wants to say where a layman can understand it.
"Tech is all about utility, not fashion. And there’s no breakthrough coming, other than a curved screen. You needed a new phone when they went from 3G to LTE. You needed a new phone when they increased the screen size. You no longer need a new phone, especially since the carriers have stopped subsidizing the purchase, now that the true cost is evident. People drive their cars ever-longer, but analysts believe consumers are all gonna fork over a thousand bucks for a fashion statement? Not gonna happen. Otherwise, 3-D TV would have been a juggernaut and you’d be throwing away your present flat screen for one with 4k."
Bonus article  - Bob had an amazing post last week just before Twitter's quarterly results…

Interesting Articles - April 20th 2017

1. Codeine and Kids - What can go wrong?

Deep down we all knew the side effects of the painkillers and cough syrup, now the FDA has come out slinging against Codeine and Tramadol. On one hand FDA has decided to come against the painkillers, but on the other hand, it did nothing to stop pharmaceuticals to sell OTC cough syrups and drugs that do contain those chemical elements.

2. Emirates - The problem begins

This was my fear when the current administration signed the executive order to ban tablets and laptops for three middle eastern airlines. How long before the other two airlines cut down the stops in US and concentrate more in Europe and the rest of the world? What it means for passengers? More expensive flights for world travelers. The tourism industry is already hit with anxiety and a lot of travelers are definitely avoiding the hassle to come to thi…