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Google Services with Nexus Program

Even though it's Officially Microsoft's month with the release of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, there are two companies that are ready to crash their party. Big Time.

First there is that big unknown from Apple - the iPad Mini and then there is that Nexus device/devices from Google.

Lets talk about Nexus.

Last week I talked about my wishlist here. This week I am thinking how Google can build a cohesive experience with it's  next Nexus.

Google Talk/Google Voice/Google+Messenger

Am I missing anything else from Google that relates to messenger? This has been my  number 1 rant with Google and it's lack of cohesive services. Google doesn't have to look too far away to see how they can improve. Just look at iMessage and they can see how they can integrate their services.

Why not make it simple - How about using one standard messaging product that is tied to gmail/google+ account? I got an idea - Why not get rid of Gtalk completely and make it a standard hangout from Google+? The text part can be messenger from Google+. Obviously - we are talking about having a deep integration with Gmail, Google Chrome, Android and other Google products across different OS/Platforms.  So, if I am on Android - I can Text/MMS anyone running Chrome/Gmail and so on and they can receive it on their Android/Apple phone or Mac/Windows machine or Chrome/Ubuntu machine. If I want to chat - It's the same Messenger app.

To take it a step further, integrate Hangouts and Messenger with the default dialer app to do a video calling and auto-text.

Google voice is an oddball in all of the services. I have ported my primary number to Google Voice and I am absolutely amazed by what the product offers from Call Forwarding and blocking numbers point of view. It can do text and it's shared across Gtalk.  But the problem is Google Voice is tied to Cellular network and Google Voice outside US has limited functionality. It's a shame, that I can't text to a number outside US with Google Voice and that is a problem with Google Voice. Also the fact that it is dependent on Cellular network makes it not that helpful to save your cellular minutes if you are on a fixed minutes plan and using cell phone for Google Voice.

Google needs to be compete with Skype that is independent of it's cellular network and utilize the hangouts and messenger for text and video features. If I want to call India or Australia, I can still use the low cost prices Google Voice provides.

Task list Integration with Google

This is long overdue. There are so many task-list by third-party services that provide the feature, but it's a shame that the main screen does not have a single task taking app that is by Google and works flawlessly across Google Chrome, Desktop, Gmail and Android. Some of the third-party apps are great - but when you have a Google Account that is tied to so much data sensitive applications with Google, you are apprehensive of opening that up for the 3rd party app.

Google Drive with Nexus Program

Google has Google Drive and the ability to share the services across platforms and services.  It's not equivalent to Dropbox, but they don't compete in the same services either.

Here is where Google can take the Nexus program deep with Google Services.

If you purchased a Google Nexus device, then primary account used to activate the device will receive 50/100 GB of Google Drive bundled with your phone for 2 years! This will be a huge incentive for consumers and provide a better cohesive experience and a momentum for Google Drive services. If Google doesn't do this, Microsoft is going to do it with Windows Phone 8.

While we are at Google Drive - How about making it feature rich. It is good, but why can't I open a document using your web interface without installing your Google Drive software?
How about smart attachment embedded with Google Drive.
When i receive or send an email with attachments, it automatically gets stored on my Google Drive under Gmail/Inbox or Gmail/Sent folder? If I click a picture on my Nexus, why not store it in Instant Upload folder under Google Drive rather than Google+?

What will Google Offer?


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