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Change of Guards - MSFT to GOOG

 Tale of two companies.

Today is the day when the baton was officially handed to Google by Microsoft. Today is the day when a tech behemoth like Microsoft which dominated the Desktop industry passed that baton to Internet company Google.

In the process, Google became the 2nd most valuable tech company. That is huge. 

It's come at a year when Microsoft is about to release the 2 biggest products in their history of existence and is coming a crucial time when Desktop/Laptop market is dying.

It's also come at a point when Google is no longer the king of the hill or the dominant force before Twitter's and Facebook's surge.  The biggest threat to Google is not the companies that are competing, but governments vested interests who wants to block Google Services. 

But Google is not a normal company. If there is one thing that Google has it's right is the fact that it still want's to search the answer and provide it to users with their products. It has the best "geek" talent and still has aspirations to make things better for humans. 

With the Driver-less Car and Project Glass coming soon - Things are getting interesting with them again.

I want to know what Steve Ballmer has to say about his comment today. "Google's not a real company. It's a house of cards". - Steve Ballmer 2004. 

Since then, these cards have increased by 400% in value.


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