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Apple and Google - Tale of 2 photos from Tim Cook

I was watching the Apple event from this morning. It was nicely done by Tim Cook. He definitely has it's own personality for sure.

There is a section in the video when Tim starts talking about iPad. There were two striking pictures that he presented to the whole world. I won't consider it a low blow, but it definitely showcased the real problem with Android tablets. 

1. Twitter app on Samsung +Android tablet and how the Twitter app looks on iPad 

2. Yelp app - Compared on how they looked on Samsung tablet and on iPad 

There was also another reason of selecting Samsung tablet -- just to tell the world how they two look alike!

But besides the point - Tim laid out the biggest problem for Android and why +Google is loosing on Tablets. It's the Apps +Google +Android +Andy Rubin !!!!!

Just look at the apps, compare them and see why Android tablets are not selling like hot cakes even when they are cheap and the OS is free. If +Andy Rubin is in denial about two sets of apps, one for smart phones and another for tablets, then they can wait till Windows 8 gets released and see how quickly Microsoft eats the android tablet for lunch. It will take less than 4-6 months for Microsoft to overtake Android in tablets and they can use the same momentum to move it to smart phones. 

Google has this perfect opportunity to provide a tool for developers and at the same time lock down the fragmentation issue. A tool that can just magically port the existing android apps (2.1 or greater) and apply the ICS guidelines along with creating 90% of the template code for the developer. Google can also provide some incentives to developers to use that tool and post it on the market. Set some Criteria's before it is moved to the market (Mostly related to security/Privacy and ensure that the app at least has followed the ICS guidelines). To control the fragmentation, Google can lock down the tool and ensure that the apps build cannot be ported to other app store like 'Amazon' or 'Facebook' or anything else. Also, they can make sure that a tablet not shipping with ICS guidelines won't get access to Google properties if they don't follow the standard. 
I understand Google wants to be open, but it also needs to understand that the consumer wants an unified experience for tablets and a dedicated apps for tablets. You cannot just blow up an app and call it a day. 

But all the solutions starts with acknowledging the problem in the first place. +Andy RubinTim cook made it clear where the problem lies. The ball is in your court.

Image courtesy : Engadget


  1. Nicely articulated. Just under 8 % of developed world population have switched on to Thingy called Tablet/ ipad etc. Still a huge market potential.
    Its all about winning customers and locking down forever into their magic garden.

    Google doesn't lock down, infact it can't.

    Apple is hardware company and thinks software as "Off the shelf" which is to some extent possible n viable... whereas google is fundamentally Software company and thinks that their softwares (to be precise their Apps) would (n should) work on every Hardware.!!

    Its gonna be fun everywhere .... 2015 .. every adult will have one Apple product for sure.


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