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Why did I buy Mac?

Recently, I bought an iMac by shelling out almost 1.5x times the money over a windows machine. A lot of friends asks me, why did you do that? What is the difference. Some even went to tell me that there is no difference if you take care of it. The point is, I don't want to think about taking care of it. I wanted something that just runs.

Now, I am no MG Seigler to compare Mac and PC with  Mercedes Benz or BMW to a Honda car, but let me explain why I made that move.

I have used PC for the longest time. I am also not an Apple fan boy and I am pretty sure the argument would apply to an iPhone over Android too, but I am not here to talk about it a Mac or a PC works a lot different then a phone and it's Eco-system does. 

For me, it was about providing consistency across the OS. The gestures, even though half-baked in the Lion OS, works like a charm and is intuitive compared to a windows machine. 

Windows to some degree sound like a step forward and 2 step backward OS. Every single successful windows release is followed by a crappy release. Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and the next Windows 8. Now you can see how Windows 8 is going to be.

Drivers - I can't tell you how much I hate those drivers. In Mac, it's just works. Take for example, a Dell machine that I bought, was a constant driver failure with it's own 22 inch Dell Monitor. Even after updating the BIOS, updating the driver and even re-installing the driver, always got the blue screen of death. On spending countless hours, I nailed the problem to one of the windows update causing the driver incompatibility. I was tired with that. I wanted to move away from it.

Virus - I never visited any porn sites. Yet, what surprised me was the constant spam residing in the registry. Now, I understand, installing 3rd party software that stores the files in the windows registry will cause issues now and then. Then why do that? Why install the dlls in the windows registry at all. Why give the access to it?
It is so poorly designed. I didn't wanted to deal with it.

Did I tell you it's faster to boot and faster to run the applications. Just look at how Microsoft Word works on Mac OS and Windows 7 and you'll come to know the difference.

What makes it so compelling to buy an MacOS or for that matter iPhone, is the fact that the hardware and software is designed by the same company. There definitely is advantage to that. Just look how the discreet graphics handles on macOS and Windows 7. Asus and other tried similar tactics, and they can't still get it and probably would never get it.

For me, I want to save my precious time, not in maintaining a system - but a system that just runs. If something happens, just go to an Apple store and get it fixed!

To make it controversial again - There are different kind of wines, but nothing can come close to Pinot Noirs :-)


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