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Google Search tricks

So a lot of folks use Google to search things. How many of you know this cool tips and use it in their search?

Search by File type
Asset Management:ppt

you can use to search ppt, pdf and xls file types


You can use related to get similar information. Think recipes website!

Specific Site search


This will search your query only from specific websites!

Include or Exclude

salsa recipe -tomatoes

Now we all know how Google has changed the "+" sign to add two things and forcing us to use and or & sign, but a lot of folks don't know that you can also use a minus sign to search things!

Similar terms

Christmas ~dessert recipes

This will return dessert recipes and similar recipes like dessert. Cookies, candies...

Numbers in Range

Sony TV $300..$500

Now you can use a string to search to limit your search results to a particular value.

Track your packages


No need to go to fedex, UPS or USPS. Just put the tracking number in the search box and Google does the rest for you!

Get definition

define: loquaciousness

You can just get the definition of a word by using definition:{word} 

Calculate Anything


Right from search box!

Locate Earthquake activity
Just type Earthquake and your results will feature U.S. Geological Survey info showing the time, place and magnitude of recent earthquakes.

Flight times
frontier 667

Just type the flight number to get everything about the flight time.

Flight schedule

flights from chicago to denver

This is awesome!


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