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Apple TV and its strategy

So we saw an article from Business Insider today about Apple TV. It was quoting Gene Munster from Piper Jaffray, a famous analyst who tracks Apple pretty closely. He is generally right about Apple products and it's timeline.

What attracted me to the article was not much what Gene Munster had to say, but the image Piper Jaffray  put right next to the article.

Here is the image and here is the link to the article.

Now, I am not sure how old this presentation slide image must be from the financial house, but I can definitely tell that the image clearly depicts how Apple as a company could make people believe in anything they advertise. Now I understand that the image is from a financial house which tracks and holds fairly substantial amount of Apple shares in it's portfolio.

I love the math they have come to arrive at $2162 + 97/mo charges. I personally can see it so typical Apple.  I guess everyone knows the real price there.

Disclosure - I have an iMac and I paid almost twice what I would have paid, had I gone PC.

The idea of one box is very appealing to me. It really is. If Apple just shows an image of the back of your TV with all the wires going around through all this boxes and then show an Apple TV with just one wire, that would be enough for a lot of people to buy the box. If Apple could get live TV, then it is going to be a game changer. It has the potential to really lock down the entire eco-system to iOS and make everyone buy their products to leverage the eco-system. But I don't see that happening anytime soon. I don't see the control by the studios and the cable companies shifting anytime soon, at least in US. 

I still think Apple TV will do good in market. A lot of them have invested a huge deal of their money in iTunes eco-system for the past 6-8 years and I don't see them moving away from Apple anytime soon. Apple TV will just enhance their experience.


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