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Google Screen Capture -- Extension

Now this is a small Chrome extension worth talking about -- Google Screen Capture.

It's a simple extension on Chrome that sits on your address bar once installed. 
It has basic three features.

Capture Region
Capture Visible Content and
Capture Whole Page

Capture Region open's a screen capture window of 250 * 150 on the window. You can either move that image to your desired screen capture or expand it to fit your size. Once you are satisfied with your selection, you can press OK, which then opens a tab with your selection. On that tab, you can edit the document by adding Color or highlighting a field or image or adding your own text in a few shapes. 

Capture Visible Content captures the visible area on that particular tab. This essentially captures the entire page that is visible to a user minus the menu and address-bar. 

Capture whole page, is a desktop screenshot of the whole page. 

With all three options, you have option to Save, Share, Copy or Close the image. Sharing right now is only possible to SinaMicroblog and Facebook. 

There are few things missing that I would personally would have loved to have -- 
An Undo button for editing. 
Sharing options to be expanded and
Few more options for editing.

So far, I love the free extension which does the job 99% of the time compared to dedicated tools like SnagIt, but it's an extension and it is with me as long as I use Chrome!


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