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My Nexus S

As my family and friend says that I was living my life in Stone age with no access to a dataplan for a good 8 months. They say the same for me not being on facebook. If that was stone age I was OK with it. I think my wife will argue that I compensated by being on my laptop. I do agree with her to some extent. In those 8 months I did miss not having a smartphone with a data plan.  I do travel and I did miss the flexibility of carrying a smartphone.
I reiterate that I missed not having. Smartphone at occassions not repented it. The phone was meant for calling. I do remember that i had my so called first blackberry smart phone in 2005. A quick search on IDC reveals that there were 890 million phones sold out if which 45 million were smart phone. Last year that number was 350 million smart phones. That's a huge increase and I could see everyone carrying a smartphone.
I had nothing to prove to anyone. Just save some money;-)
I was waiting for my wife's contract to get done from AT & T. I decided to go with T-Mobile wanting to stay with GSM network. The obvious choice for me was Nexus S to get the pure android experience. Also the rewardzone deal along with bestbuy gift card made the phone free. Also having cheap plans helped.

Nexus S

There is something about the phone that makes the phone look sexy. It might be the curve glass or pure black phone. Its a beautiful device.
I would post my review in a weeks time.
So far the only gripe is that it's not a hspa+ phone. West Chester area is also not completely blanketed with 3G yet. So get the edge networks at times.
The good news is that T-Mobile us going to have a tower with 41 mbps hspa+ network next month right at the exton mall!
The speed test reveals around 1.1 mbps down with 1.4 mbps up speed. At Baltimore the speed test revealed 4.2 mbps down speed with 2.3 mbps up speed which is nice...
Wait for my review on this one.


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